Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017

So, here we are. On the cusp of another new year. 

I have had a metamorphic 2016. I was quietly living my life as a fairly braindead disabled number, not content, but just getting on with it. Then on August 1st I came across Network Marketing. Up to this point I was existing, trying my best to keep up with chores. Struggling with health and memory. My brain had turned to mush. 

I come from a banking/finance/customer services background with two kids in between so to have a numb brain and was not a great experience. Along came network marketing and I was taught the basics by my first company. Then I was offered what I thought was a better opportunity and moved to another company. I studied, followed gurus, fed my head with masses of information and slowly my little grey cells started to revive and I have begun to create my ‘brand’.  Unfortunately the company I was with fell flat on its face due to no structure and delivery issues. I then stumbled across the company I’m with now. And what a company it is!!!! Structure, coaching, enthusiasm but more noticably morals and family. It’s not all about the money, the quickest way, rising through the ranks. It’s about building your business ethically and correctly. Connecting with like minded people and creating long lasting friends and colleagues. I was then able to share this with the friends I’d made on my journey so that we are all now with a solid and ethical company, getting strong support and guidance and being able to share these amazing benefits. I am so grateful for my friends that I’ve made on my wake up journey.

2016 has allowed me to bloom, to see some future and hope for myself. To be able to offer that to others and share my hope and happiness with my family.

So, here I am, on the cusp of a New Year and for the first time in 10 years I know that next year will not be a repeat of the years that I’ve had since I’ve been ill but that they will be different, progressive, proactive, evolving, blooming….all of these lovely words.

If you’re feeling that there is no hope, no future, no change. That you’re stuck in a rut, bored out of your mind. That you want a different future, a choice and a chance to change, to improve and to have a better life, don’t give up. Keep looking for your future, it is out there. Failing that, give me a shout, I’d be more than happy to help you.

My bubbles are starting to fizz and come 2017 the corks will be ready to pop!!!


Thursday and looking forward to the New Year!


Afternoon All!!

Sorry that I’ve been a little bit MIA lately, I’ve got loads going on at home right now, the same as everyone. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!! Everywhere! We had our food shopping delivered today so we’re nearly ready but I’ve got to take my son for a mad dash around the shops tomorrow as he has still to buy for his girlfriend and family. It’s gonna be utter mayhem, all of those people, and children everywhere. Good grief, sharp elbows and body armour required I think!

Also the most exciting thing. I have transferred Network Marketing companies. I was with TLC, the weight loss tea. The products are great there but the structure within the up lines was totally absent. I then, sort of, fell across Amway. I’m so very glad that I did. It’s slick, professional, friendly, organised and motivated. The products, the ones I’ve used so far, are out of this world! Seriously, I love a good hair product, and the Gold range for me, wow! Silky, smooth, plump hair. If you’ve seen the many colours that I’ve been in the last year, you’ll know that a lot of bleach is required to achieve the lovely pastel shades that I covet. So my hair was a bit dry, but overall I was quite surprised that I still had some! I have been wrapping my hair in coconut oil which has seriously helped, but now I’ve found Amway, well, I won’t be doing that any more. The bottles I bought are huge with a pump on them, so for someone with restrictive grip this is a godsend. Even the shampoo made my hair soft but with the conditioner it really is show stopping. I’ve never used anything like it before, and I’ve used all of the salon brands too. So, seriously stop what you’re doing and goย here. You really won’t regret it. If you want to take care of your hair, then these are the products for you. Take that from a 49-year-old frustrated hobby hair dresser who has abused her hair terribly over the years and has done all the research for you…..




Currently I’m back to blonde until I find something else I’d like to do to it, and I feel safe in the knowledge that Satinique from Amway are the products for me.

So 2017 is an adventure, I’m so looking forward to it and all of the possibilities it will bring. If you need an adventure,ย contact me here, I’ll be happy to welcome you along side me on my journey.








Today’s Sunny Outlook

Image result for sunny outlook


After a few days of nasty, grey, damp, English weather, the sun is finally trying to come out again. I’m not seeing much of it because today I’m really busy here with projects, launches etc in the pipeline and busy at home with preparations for Christmas and stuff. We’re working on plans for 2017, and kicking off the New Year with stable IBO’s who have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 2017 is gonna be a blast!!

Blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat to lots of other stuff, but is never totally off my screen, because I love it. I love to write, may be not so much about me, but what’s going on and giving you info and things. I’m gonna be working with a new team to give my business a whole new boost, with new products, totally high-end stuff. It’s going to be immense!!! I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!!

I’m also thinking about the type of information that I want to share here. Some of it will be driven by comments or by postings elsewhere on the great interweb. Also just some random stuff that I’ve found and I’d like talk about because it interests me and might interest others. Sometimes I might set the record straight, sometimes I might express an opinion and hopefully, sometimes I’ll add another dimension to the conversation.

I’ll also share my new products with you, I will be looking for testimonials on them so will require trusted people to try them and give me feedback, as we need to keep it real. It’s no good Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez giving testimonials, they get paid for it after all.

Have a super sunny afternoon my sweets, chat soon x