Thursday trials!!

Wow, what a day tea lovers!!! If I could get it wrong I did. Dropping things, driving the wrong way, forgetting where i was going! Left my card in the chip machine! Good grief. Anyway I made it home alive!! Yay me!

Whilst I was out today I ‘spotted’ these great tights in Asda! Never seen polka spot tights before, needless to say they went in my basket!!


Not a bad price either!!

I really look forward to my emails from Zulily. Such an array of unusual clothes. Today I pick this one!! How pretty!! Click here to visit the site.


On that note, whilst I’m still in one piece, I’m off. Have a great rest of the day beauts <3




Surprise Saturday

Good afternoon readers!!

This morning my darling daughter, who is at University, texted me with excitement. It would seem that the release date for the new Wizarding film and book has just been made public via Waterstones. Needless to say this was offered up as a Christmas present idea, so it’s been duly ordered!! 00088857-1500x500

We are a HUGE Harry Potter family so this has caused a bit of a stir. Really can’t wait to read the screenplay and watch the film!! Woohoo!! One of my dogs is even called Harry, little stinker!!

Also dropping into my emails today was an email from Moda. OMG! Their bags. They’re so individual! They’ve also just bought out a new jewellery range too, fabulous for Christmas parties. Modas prices are incredible too. This lovely necklace is only……£2.50!!! I know?! Amazing. You can get togged up for Christmas at such a good price. Go have a look!!



Have a wonderful rest of the day and I’ll see you tomorrow xxx


Happy Halloween Monday

Happy Halloween All!

Some lovely shoes dropped into my inbox this morning. I have to say I’m a huge fan of Irregular Choice. Their shoes are awe inspiring. Not sure I could walk in them all but these boots really tickled my fancy today. They’re called Starlight Impress. That’s another thing about their shoes, they all have fantastic names too!!

Starlight Impress



So what are you doing this evening? For us it’s a big sign on the front door asking for no trick or treaters because the dogs go absolutely MENTAL every time the door bell goes, so that’d be a massive headache for us.

Whatever, you’re doing, think and be safe, keep an eye on your little ones and have fun. Please don’t upset the elderly.


Fabulous Friday!!


Hi all!!

It’s been a day of personal development for me today. I’ve just started a new ‘course’, by Tai Lopez, amazing, he talks so much sense. It’s called 67 Steps and although I’ve only just begun, I would thoroughly recommend it. Every day, for 67 days, you get direction, personal development and tasks to do that will increase your momentum and clarify your ‘why’.

I’ve caught up on many team videos that are sometimes missed on a daily basis as everything is going as such speed I don’t have time to keep up, so Fridays are turning into catch up day.

However, I did get a chance to catch up on my many emails and discovered these amazing, soft trainers/pumps. As you know I adore anything bright and breezy, flowers, anything a little bit different so I’ve spotted these: link here. They come in a wide range of designs if you’re fancying something with a bit of a twist. I love ’em!


Fabulous!! Breathable and slip on by a company called Newchic. Lots of different shoes on their site, how could these not make you smile and get you active for the rest of the day and at the moment they’re 45% off so they’re only £14.68!! I’m rushing to order the flowery ones!! That’s me off then…..byeeeeeeee……….


Wild Wednesday!

Hi guys! Wow, what a day. I’ve been working on my home business all day. It’s so busy right now, so many messages to reply to. Everyone wants to be slim and gorgeous for their christmas parties! That little black dress that’s been hiding in the back of the wardrobe, all ready to be accessorized and sparkled up ready for the festive season, definitely fitted last year but its a little bit snug now! So what do they do? They look online and find me! It’s fabulous to know that with our products and fabulous after care in the way of nutritionists, life coaching and physical trainers, these lovely people will be christmas party ready in a flash!! Click here for more information.

Whilst we’re on the subject of christmas, I got this fabulous email today from Not on the High Street. They have in their online store some amazing advent calendars, talk about alternative. One of them has pork scratchings inside….Piggin Christmas….it did tickle me!!. Have a look at what they have to offer here. Such unusual ideas, great for that person in your family who you never, ever, know what to buy. There’s always one eh?

It’s been a beautiful Autumn day here in the North of Essex, UK. The suns been shining, the dogs have been laying in the stream of sunlight coming through the glass doors, and everything feels well in the world (at least for 5 minutes).






Instant?! What?!

Afternoon my little lovebugs!!

Today is a great day for dieters across the world. The UK release of iaso instant tea!!! No more boiling, steeping and fridging a gallon at a time, like this:





Its instant. Little sachets of detox and cleanse loveliness!! Just like the iaso delgada coffee, which incidentally is gorgeous!!

My Little Live Video



Catch you on the flip side!!!

Monday, monday 🎶🎶

So, today I started my iaso tea detox. Bit of a detox headache going on but I’m looking forward to feeling better and losing a bit of weight!!  I’m finding it’s giving me so much energy, hence this afternoon was spent putting the garden to bed for the winter. 

I really dread this time of year, as the weather gets  colder and wetter I get more pain. Gotta love fibromyalgia!! Ha!

Any way, the garden’s been mowed, tidied and the parasols and cushions have been put back into the summer house.

It all looks so bare, there’s the patch on the lawn where the swimming pool was, when the days were warmer, sunnier and happier. 

The doglets are more reluctant to go outside now, especially the chihuahuas, they’re starting to do the Chihuahua shiver. This is the time of year that I wish I had an open fire, the dogs would love laying on a big soft bed in front of that. 

When I move to Spain, I’ll have a villa with a lovely open fire for the dogs, they’ll love it. 

Iaso Tea